Russian Telegraph

Natural Evolution of the Beth Custer Ensemble

Named after two adjacent hills in San Francisco, Russian Telegraph mixes the funk and soul of Curtis Bumpy, the art song  of the Beth Custer Ensemble, and the worldly compositional stylings of David James’s GPS. »Continued…

Will Bernard/Beth Custer

Chamber Jazz Duo

Guitarist Will Bernard and clarinetist/singer Beth Custer have forged a remarkable, musical partnership that spans decades and is reflected in their upcoming release SKY. »Continued…

My Grandmother

Live Music + a Banned Silent Film

Beth Custer leads a stellar cast of musicians in this quick-paced pastiche of American folk and blues, contemporary classical, jazz, and world music. »Continued…

The Beth Custer Ensemble

Vision + Improv

The Beth Custer Ensemble is a sextet of jazz / funk / Latin / rock virtuosos that meld Custer’s vision of the whole world as a musical style with the band’s improvisational prowess. »Continued…

Clarinet Thing


Bay Area virtuosos Sheldon Brown, Beth Custer, Ben Goldberg, and Harvey Wainapel perform arrangements of a wide range of jazz, world, and new music on the entire family of clarinets. »Continued…

Trance Mission


Trance Mission was co-founded in San Francisco in 1992 by Stephen Kent (didjeridu/percussion/cello) and Beth Custer (clarinets/trumpet/voice) and includes »Continued…

Trance Mission Duo


Stephen Kent (didjeridu/percussion/cello) and Beth Custer (clarinets/trumpet/voice). »Read more…

Vinculum Symphony

Chamber Musicians + Instrument Builders

Vinculum Symphony is an original, ongoing, multi-movement, large scale
composition that brings together chamber musicians and experimental
instrument builders from within whatever city it is presented in. »Continued…