My Grandmother

live music + a banned silent film

Beth Custer leads a stellar cast of musicians in this quick-paced pastiche of American folk and blues, contemporary classical, jazz, and world music. »Continued…

The Beth Custer Ensemble

Vision + Improv

The Beth Custer Ensemble is a sextet of jazz / funk / Latin / rock virtuosos that
meld Custer’s vision of the whole world as a musical style with the band’s
improvisational prowess. »Continued…

Clarinet Thing


Bay Area virtuosos Sheldon Brown, Beth Custer, Ben Goldberg, and Harvey Wainapel perform arrangements of a wide range of jazz, world, and new music on the entire family of clarinets. »Continued…

Trance Mission


Trance Mission was co-founded in San Francisco in 1992 by Stephen Kent (didjeridu/percussion/cello) and Beth Custer (clarinets/trumpet/voice) and includes »Continued…

Trance Mission Duo


Stephen Kent (didjeridu/percussion/cello) and Beth Custer (clarinets/trumpet/voice). »Read more…

Vinculum Symphony

Chamber Musicians + Instrument Builders

Vinculum Symphony is an original, ongoing, multi-movement, large scale
composition that brings together chamber musicians and experimental
instrument builders from within whatever city it is presented in. »Continued…