June 2017

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I really had no idea this would occur but…I just received an Emmy award for my score for Mantis Shrimp, an episode of KQED’s fine Deep Look series. Maybe it was the bassoon patch I used? What a thrill to have such a prestigious award, I’m speechless.

For the past year I’ve been working on Water Worship, an oratorio about our most precious resource with live original music and films. It premieres Sunday, June 11th, 4pm, at the Luggage Store Gallery. Performed by The Beth Custer Ensemble, Left Coast Chamber Ensemble string quartet, Dean Santomieri narrating, Bart Hopkin on experimental instruments.  There will be some gorgeous water footage by William Farley , Federico Cusigch, and others. Craig Baldwin will be projecting found footage from his massive archives.

Advance tickets highly recommended!

See you there!