August 2022

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I’m excited to announce this Saturday’s world premiere of my composition for seven clarinets entitled LOS ALTOS Y LOS BAJOS performed by Blackwood of Foothill Symphonic Winds. Just when you thought one agony pipe was enough! I will be speaking to the audience just before they start blowing so please come heckle me! This will also be the launch of the CHAMBER MUSIC division of my ALL HANDS ON DECK publishing company. Copies of the score will be available for purchase at the concert and, of course, online. Boooya!

The Theatre darling…..

I’m also very excited to announce two theatre productions that I had nothing to do with happening September 2nd: Backyard Burning Men of a Certain Age in Hyattsville, MD and Fringe of the Woods Festival in Cali, both on the same weekend….I’ve split myself in half and am attending both….I wish!

Further down the road…I’ve been asked to perform with pianists Allison Lovejoy and Kymry Esainko Saint Saens’ ‘Carnival of the Animals’ at Flower Piano in GG Park 3-4pm, September 17th.

On October 16th I’ll be at Headlands Center for the Arts in a solo performance in The Gym, 1pm in celebration of their 40th Anniversary. Honored to be invited to perform at our jewel across the bridge.

My neighbor, friend, and comrade in music David James continues his work on his beautiful SF Arts Commissioned MISSION REBELS. With the stellar GPS we’ll be presenting part II on October 16th, 7pm at luscious Glen Park’s Bird n’ Beckett Bookstore.

November 4th I’ll be at the Joe Henderson Lab at SF Jazz…..more soon about that gig!



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