The Boys Who Said No!

Hey there! It’s been a minute….jeez! I hope you’re all doing well in these strange times.

I have some news to share, the Judith Ehrlich film I scored The Boys Who Said No! has it’s US premiere tonight for 6 days at the Mill Valley Film Festival. I’m super proud of this film and ever grateful to William Farley for recommending me. I’m now putting the final touches on the score for Farley’s film I Wanted To Be A Man With A Gun. Thanks to everyone who contributed financially to either of these films. They are gems!

Cathy Lee Crane’s very cool film Crossing Columbus is up for a free screening. Another work I’m very proud of. A beautiful meditation on border life. Don’t miss it!

Trance Mission released it’s CD March 13th…..then all concerts were cancelled due to you-know-what…..check out Le Pendu if you haven’t already, write to me if you’d like to buy a CD, I think it’s possibly my best release ever.

These past few months I scored Lauretta Molitor’s film ‘Impresario’, a sweet doc about force of nature filmmaker/social activist Mark Huestis. I’ll post more info on screenings for that once it’s released.

Be well, be safe, carry on….and VOTE!!!